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ETSU Housing Options for Students in Johnson City, TN

As you head to Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU), one decision to make concerns student housing. Maybe you already have somewhat of an idea about which type of housing you prefer. Or perhaps you still have questions, such as what are the differences between on campus dorms and off campus housing near ETSU? But, no matter where you are in the search for student housing in Johnson City, TN, this guide from Monarch 815 will help you select the housing that best fulfills your needs.

Dorms On The ETSU Campus

Dorms are the type of student housing most commonly associated with first-year students, who choose to live on campus to more quickly acclimate to life at the university. The trade-off for living on campus, though, is students give up the independence they’d have off campus: dorm residents are subject to a variety of rules — such as guest policies and quiet hours — that are enforced by resident assistants (RAs) who also live in the dorms.

Dorms are mostly utilitarian in design. Floor plans are generally square or rectangular shaped and offer about 200 square feet or less of space. Dorms come equipped with basic furnishings (beds, desks, dressers), utilities (electricity, water), and services (Internet). Yet, because housing on campus is meant to be economical, dorm furnishings are often lower quality than those provided in furnished off campus apartments for rent near ETSU.


Apartments are individual housing units in larger multi-family residences. Some apartments are furnished, but many of the off campus apartments ETSU students will find for rent are unfurnished; so tenants supply the furniture and décor as well as set up the utilities and services for Internet and cable. Most apartments feature basic appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, etc.), while fewer have in-unit washers and dryers (most tenants pay to use on-site laundry facilities or private laundromat services).

A standard housing contract for an apartment includes a one-year occupancy commitment. Roommates in apartments sign the contracts together, and if one roommate leaves early, the others pay the remaining share. How roommates divide the payments is their prerogative, although, the floor plans for apartments can make equitable cost-sharing difficult — bedrooms aren’t necessarily equal in size, and some may have private bathrooms while others don’t.

Amenities vary between different apartment communities, and students who desire access to community amenities, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and game areas generally must pay up for apartments in higher price brackets. Transportation costs are also a consideration: living near campus lets students save money by walking to campus. But, seeing as apartment communities are located throughout Johnson City, students may have to factor in the costs of driving or riding on buses to ETSU every day.


Houses have their advantages, including more square footage than apartments, while some houses feature multiple floors and enclosed garages. Since houses don’t share walls with other residences, they tend to be quieter inside — but roommate noise is still a concern, as voices can echo in the hallways and large rooms found in many houses.

Houses for rent have similar housing contracts as apartments: roommates sign the same contract and make payments together. Although, many houses are managed by independent landlords who can have arbitrary policies concerning matters such as maintenance or late fees. This uncertainty can prove burdensome for students — the last thing a busy student needs in addition to homework are landscaping and maintenance chores.

Condos & Townhouses

Condos and townhouses share some attributes with apartments and houses. Condos and townhouses provide more interior space than apartments. Yet they also share adjoining walls with neighboring units, which can allow for noise to carry between residences.

Homeowners associations (HOAs) manage condos and townhouses, and residents thus have the benefit of the landscaping and maintenance done for them. But some students find the rules imposed by HOAs reminiscent of dorm restrictions.

An advantage of living in condos and townhomes is residents often enjoy access to community amenities, many of which are resort quality. Although, the monthly costs of residing in an amenities-driven community can prove out of reach for most students’ budgets.

All-Inclusive Luxury Housing Communities

All-inclusive housing communities with luxury amenities are the latest innovation in ETSU off campus housing. These luxury communities adopt the most desirable attributes of other types of student housing while also incorporating student-friendly policies and accommodations. The end result is an environment that’s designed wholly for modern students.

In luxury communities, students live in fully furnished apartments with equal-sized bedrooms and private bathrooms. They also have individual housing contracts, which take care of the problems created when roommates have to pool money and share liability for payments.

Students also enjoy access to resort-style amenities, such as tanning beds, yoga studios, and Internet cafés. The amenities are also where resident events organized by the community take place.

Another benefit of luxury communities is that their locations near ETSU allow students to walk or ride bikes to class. Residents also have convenient access to the stores and restaurants that surround the campus. While the communities also feature on-site parking for students who drive.

Rent Luxury Apartments near ETSU

For students who prefer luxury housing, there’s Monarch 815. Located just steps from the ETSU campus, we offer an unmatched living experience complete with fully furnished apartments and luxury amenities in a student-focused environment. As a member of our community, you’ll have all the essentials to live comfortably while also feeling empowered to study, socialize, and thrive during the college years. We have affordable individual housing contracts for two and four bedroom units. And we offer roommate-matching services so you can meet people with similar hobbies and interests. To apply for housing at Monarch 815, contact us today!

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